Saturday, 11 April 2009

Josh and Anna play hide the purple parsnip

Geraldine: So how's married life little Miss Coke Donkey? Everything alright in the bedroom?
Alice: Niiice.
Alice: We had a bit of trouble early on. Couldn't quite work out what went in where.
Geraldine: Well that's always tricky.
Alice: But you know once we got a wardrobe we were fine.

Heeee. You know that is totally how Josh and Anna Duggar's first few months of marriage were like. Well, that minus the humour and with a big dollop of shame thrown in.

But if the Vicar of Dibley taught us anything, it's that sexually oblivious people manage to be prolific breeders. Just as Hugo and Alice managed to conceive baby Geraldine on their honeymoon and then managed to have an additional nine children over the next six years, it seems like Josh and Anna have already begun their brood.

I had hoped that Anna might struggle to conceive for year or two, or even, *gasp*, use contraception for a couple of years. But it seems they have drank the Kool Aid and are eager to get their own spin off.

There hasn't yet been an official announcement that she is pregnant, but the evidence is stacking. A couple of posters on Television Without Pity spotted a commercial for an upcoming episode in which Anna mentioned taking pregnancy tests. Why would they show Anna taking tests that come up negative? That doesn't play into their storyline of "God loves us and showers us with gifts!"

The Duggars will be on the Today show on Monday to make an announcement. Put your money on a J'Grandbaby.

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Anonymous said...

Anna and Josh are now expecting their second baby and discovered this information on their first daughter's birthday. This does irke me and I was just wondering your opinion on this whole fiasco.