Thursday, 15 January 2009

Oy, oy, oy

3 things I like about Australia:
  1. Universal health care
  2. Secularism
  3. Tim tams
3 things I dislike about Australia:
  1. The heat (Tuesday night was the third hottest overnight low, only dipping to 28 degrees Celcius/82 degrees Farenheit)
  2. The inferiority complex. A celebrity making a positive comment about Australia is often headline news. Every interview with a visiting foreigner always has to ask what they think of Australia and Australians in general. It's not like they will say anything negative in an interview, so asking is just fishing for praise.
  3. Flagrant disregard for the correct pronunciation of names. Nothing will make me yell louder at my TV than a newsreader talking about "Barrick Obama" or "Opera Winfrey". You just introduced footage in which the name was spoken correctly several times and yet you still say it wrong! A proper noun is not something open to interpretation or an opportunity to add an Australian take on it!

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