Monday, 26 January 2009

Fundie Watch

Since the death of (modestapparelChristianclothing) Lydia of Purple (dressescustomsewing), I have been occasionally googling around to find another loltastic fundie website.

I generally stick together a few fundie hot topics like "modesty head covering submissive wife homesteading homeschooling DH DS DD purity ball" and see what turns up.

So far I have only really come across old favourites like the Prairie Muffin Manifesto, full of such feminist gems like "Prairie Muffins do not reflect badly on their husbands by neglecting their appearance", "Prairie Muffins prefer others above themselves", "Prairie Muffins place their husbands' needs and desires above other obligations", and "Prairie Muffins are fiercely submissive to God and to their husbands".

Better yet is the biblical argument for why women should not go to college. (Surprisingly it isn't because "it makes them uppity"). The argument is that the woman's sphere is the home, and that "those who pursue higher education are ill-equipped to fight battles in the real world" because they spend too long in "the artificial environment of the classroom".

I guess that ties into the whole homeschooling thing. Women should not be in the "artificial environment" of the classroom because they should be at home being fiercely submissive to their husbands and homeschooling their own dozen children. It seems that all fundies homeschool as a rule, although not all homeschoolers are fundie.

I have no moral objection to homeschooling, even though I am a teacher in an "artificial environment". I do have some problems with homeschooling in theory, but not in practice. It is kind of like high heel shoes. Why is it that women as a gender wear high heels, even though they are often painful, sometimes dangerous, and make it very difficult for women to run? Because they were designed by men to make our legs look nice and to keep us vulnerable. But is that what women are thinking when they wear them? Of course not. We wear them because they do make our legs look nice, and they make us feel feminine and attractive and can really set off an outfit.

Homeschoolers as individuals have a million good reasons to homeschool: their local schools are crap, their child has a learning disability that really benefits from one-on-one attention, they are geographically isolated, or they don't want their kids taught about sexual education and evolution. The individual reasons to homeschool are solid, but I think the homeschooling movement as a whole comes from something much more sinister. In years past, keeping house really was a fulltime job. Cooking everything from scratch, doing everything by hand. But with advances of technology and products and with the ubiquity of preprepared food it no longer is a fulltime job. I cook for 4 people 6 nights a week and am responsible for the cleaning of this 6 bedroom, 2 bathroom house and it really doesn't take that much work. Maybe ten hours a week at most. Not enough to keep a woman home fulltime. She could work part-time at least, or even juggle fulltime if hubby splits the domestic duties with her.

There needed to be a reason to keep women at home, and homeschooling a dozen children filled that gap quite nicely. And that is why every fundie homeschools. Well, that and not wanting their kids to ever hear the words 'dental dam' outside of the dentist's office.

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