Friday, 19 December 2008

The Duggars Hate Their Daughters

Consider the evidence:
  • Until very recently, the girls always looked like prairie muffins in their homemade potato sack dresses while the boys were allowed more mainstream clothes like polo shirts and khaki pants.
  • Each girl has the work of two or three small "buddies" while oldest son Josh had one buddy, adolescent Joseph, and John-David has one buddy: adolescent Josiah.
  • The girl jurisdictions include cooking for twenty people, doing laundry for twenty people, and cleaning toilets used by twenty people. Boy jurisdictions include changing the car's oil and mowing the lawn, because someone changing oil every 3 to 6 months and mowing the lawn every fortnight is equivalent to cooking and cleaning for 20 people every single day of your life.
  • Their sons get fairly normal names like Josh, John, Jason, Justin, Joseph, etc. The girls get horrible names like Jessa, Jinger,Jana and Joy-Anna and Johannah (they're practically the same name, people!), and newest victim: Jordyn-Grace Makiya. Yes, the Duggar's have welcomed baby number 18. At least they are trying out a new style for the girls' names. They have already done stupid and redundant, now they are going for stripperesque. Good luck with that, little Duggarette.

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