Monday, 3 November 2008

Sims 2: The Bloodening

Sims is getting a little boring. Giving my sims twelve children used to be a challenge, but not anymore. Giving them less opportunity for promotion so that they were stuck supporting those twelve kids on $420 a day is no longer a challenge. Random deaths by lightning, ghost, or carnivorous cow plant are amusing, but not frequent enough to really spice up the game.

It kind of makes me long for the days of Sim City, where disaster mode left your city in ruins whenever you thought you were on top of things.

So I've decided to play my sims on the edge, with my nifty jar of disaster lucky dips. So far these include:
Union strikes: Everyone quits their jobs and have to start from the bottom of the career ladder.
Recession: All savings are halved ( I use Monique's computer so my sims can have savings accounts)
Nuclear Winter: Winter all year-round for one sim year.
SimWorldWar: 1 in 2 sim male teens and adults die (selected randomly)
Handmaid's Tale Dystopia: Birth control banned. Using Autonomous Casual Romance I set all females' fertility to static and try for baby to always. Pretty similar to how I play now, but this would prevent me from taking morning after pills when household funds are low.
Hurricane: Demolish house and sell all fixtures. Rebuild house/buy back fixtures at a loss.
Global Warming: Change ground to sand and/or dirt. Remove all ponds, swimming pools, trees and plants.
Military Dictatorship: All sims transfer all savings and all but 1K of cash to the sim at the highest position of the military career track (these transfers can be done via Monique's computer).
Military Defeat: All sims in military career track die.
President Palin: All sims in medicine career track (abortionists), entertainment and dance career tracks (sodomites) and science and natural science career tracks (dinosaur liars) are killed.
Hippie Rule: No try for baby, no jobs, no marriage. Gotta make your own clothes and grow your own food.
Fundie Rule: Homeschooling only (Use Simlogical's flexi school hack), all girls married as soon as they get their first period, no jobs for women. Prairie muffin dresses for women and side-parted hair for men.
Plague: Two thirds of sim families (selected randomly) have a sim infected with the flu (selected randomly). Play it out, see if you can save them. Easy usually, unless you have the real sickness mod (which I can't find by googling, but have uploaded the file here)

Whee, this should be fun! I'm off to my first disaster!

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