Wednesday, 5 November 2008

President Obama

Wow. It's been called for Obama even before the even before California has been counted.


I'm so thrilled for Americans, that they will have such a smart, competent leader. A leader who will try diplomacy before aggression, and will place the needs of the poor above the wants of the rich. I love that American children will grow up with a black president, and possibly never understand how long coming this was.

My live TV coverage is saying that "it's a bad day for terrorism because Obama will be respected and beloved around the world. It was easy to hate Bush, but it will be much harder to paint Obama as some kind of infidel"

(Yay, Obama is about to make his victory speech. My news coverage is padding it by showing celebrations in Kenya.)

On a selfish note, I am just so thrilled that I can fall in love with America again. My parents moved me to Australia when I was three. Growing up, I never really felt Australian and thought much of Australian culture was cringe-worthy. I hated the sunburn and the flies and the sweat. My parents tried to convince me of how lucky I was to grow up in Australia by telling me how horrible England was, all grey skies and gloom. This didn't make Australia appealing, but it made England unappealing. Instead I looked to America. America was endless roadtrip country, endless Summer. America was Paul Simon, Bob Seger, Bob Dylan. America was a white Christmas and a pot luck dinner, and big breasted African American women calling people "honey child".

(Aww McCain is conceding. He's showing a little class by not allowing his crowd to boo Obama. Too little, too late. Go visit the Daily Show a few times and let me respect you again.)

(Okay, it's not a bad speech. Palin looks like she is crying. *snerk*)

As I got older I became to see America as something completely different. A country where the amount of flags waved and guns owned seemed inversely proportional to the compassion shown for the sick, the poor, and the needy. A country that was constantly declaring itself the best country in the world nevermind the fact that many of its citizens knew nothing of the world therefore had no real true point of comparison. A country where healthcare and education were for the rich, and the poor were told to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. A country where the personhood of a woman was diminished by equating her value to a cluster of cells inside her womb.

America was a scary, fanatical country that made damn good movies. For eight years I looked at America and thought, damn, we don't have it so bad. Yes, we have a conservative Prime Minister, but it could be so much worse.

Today I look to America and think, damn I wish I had a leader as awe-inspiring.

Welcome back to the global community, America.


Slick said...


I'm in America and I couldn't have said it better myself!


Josh Dermer said...

I didn't vote for the man, but for the sake of the country I hope he does a good job as president. I'll be keeping him in prayer for sure.