Sunday, 22 June 2008

Tales from the referral log

A few people have navigated to my blog after googling "Duggar sin in the camp". For those that follow the saga of the Duggars they will be aware of a much-repeated anecdote of an interview with Jimbob Duggar after he lost his bid for the senate. Apparently, Jimbob was asked as to what he attributed the loss, at which point he glanced at oldest son Joshua (then about 14 years old) and replied 'sin in the camp'. I am not sure if this was a written article or a video, and I have never seen it myself so I can't vouch for its accuracy or whether it simply an internet meme (purple monkey dishwasher). However, enough people believe this interview actually took place and speculate about the nature of the sin.

Some speculate that Joshua was caught masturbating, or looking at pornography (after all, he has his own media room and seems to love computers. It is feasible he could find a way around their internet filter.) Another theory floating around is that Joshua was betrothed to a daughter of a family friend, Jim Holt (also a Gothardite politician). The story goes that this betrothal was broken off after Josh was caught touching a girl as she slept (some stories have it that this girl was a family friend, others tell it was one of his own sisters). Many point to this posting for supposed insider confirmation (scroll down to April 04). This forum posting might be what sparked the whole rumour as it slowly spread to other forums discussing the Duggar family.

It is rumoured now that Joshua (now 20) will announce his engagement on upcoming Duggar television specials. Some have speculated that he is again bethrothed to the Holt girl. Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

He's engaged to Anna Keller and they are registered at...Wal-Mart!

Plumbob said...

Thanks anonymous, that made my day!

Anonymous said...

I have 3 kids, 3 grandchildren and I'm NOT counting! It's a free countryto have as many kids as you want to have, but what some people 'do' to the 'meaning 'of freedom, never ceases to amaze me. how do any of us know how quickly theDuggar smiles 'fade' once the camerasstop rolling, and the crew leaves the set? Nobodyreally knows but God and the Duggars themselves!3 kids, 3 grandkids and not counting!