Monday, 11 February 2008

Quiverfull Sims: The Montgomery Family

Isadora Griffin is all grown up and ready for marriage.
Time for the boys to come a courtin'...

Jerome gathers the local godly young men. They seem to bond over their dislike for Maddox.

Isadora spots the one who can bring her closest to God.

Isadora gets to know Xavier Montgomery in a safe group setting under the watchful eye of her parents.

Xavier purchases a home in which to raise a family.
According to my trusty name book Xavier means 'owner of the new house' in Basque.

With her Daddy's approval, Xavier proposes marriage. Isadora accepts, and suggests they hyphenate their surnames, prompting an emergency visit from the pastor.

Careful now, Isadora. Don't go making eye babies.

And why is Xavier in a jogging suit? It's his wedding! Don't tell me the thrift store didn't have any second-hand tuxedos.

Despite being a mother of a full quiver, Sabrina shows up to her daughter's wedding looking like Jessica Rabbit. Xavier's sister Anika isn't much better baring her collar bone and shoulders in her aubergine dress, but his mother Adele puts them both to shame in her sensible and dowdy off-white frock.

An off the shoulder wedding dress that doesn't even reach below the knees? Someone call Lydia of Purple, that is just not Christian modest apparel custom sewing. Even though they are ankle-deep in snow it is actually the middle of Summer. I could have postphoned the wedding until the unseasonal weather had passed, but there was babymaking to be done. Time is of the essense.

Do the smustle! I missed taking a picture of the best part of the smustle, which is the part which mimics Thriller with the claw hands from side to side.

They head off on their honeymoon in a hired limo. Don't they look thrilled?

Xavier and Isadora work on being open to God's blessings.


'Bout time to birth that there baby...

It's a boy! I decide to go with a biblical naming theme (mostly because going with an X for Xavier theme would limit me to 9 boys names in my book and they are mostly crap:Xenon, Xylon, Xenophon and Xarles). This is Ezekiel, the golden child.

Pregnancy number 2 (and excuse to revisit the Britney-like maternity shirt)


A boy and a girl. I kicked myself for not naming Spawn #1 Joshua, because this could have been my chance to make some legitimate Duggar sims. That idea down the drain, I named the boy Jude and the girl Mary (because I completely blanked on biblical names for girls).

Even with newborn twins, pregnancy number 3 is soon upon us.

We're gonna need a bigger boat (RIP Roy Scheider).

Another set of boy/girl twins. Sarah and Joshua. It was at this point that I realised I don't know many female biblical names. Ruth, Deborah, Rebecca, Naomi. After that I would pretty much be screwed. I did a little internet searching and was reminded that Rachel, Abigail, Phoebe, Shiloh, Tabitha and Lydia are all biblical. Better yet, I could whip out a Bathsheba, Beulah, Dorcas, Zipporah or Drusilla (who I would later have to vamp out, natch). These kids are gonna be homeschooled anyway, so I don't have to feel bad for dorky Dorcas. (Sad fact for the day: dork does not mean whale penis. That takes out so much of the fun of calling someone a dork. This might make up for that disappointment: Church of the Whale Penis)

Zeke. In the real Duggar family, he would now be old enough for a buddy (if he was a girl, that is). However, Sims allows them a little more childhood. Children cannot feed babies or toddlers, change diapers, place them in their cribs, or swat them with a wooden spoon when they attempt to crawl off a blanket. Those abilities (minus the swatting) only come with teenagehood.

Homeschooling Ezekiel while Isadora tends to Jude and Mary. With two sets of twins below him, poor Zeke doesn't get much attention.

Will Isadore produce a full quiver? Will Xavier set up a successful car lot in his front yard? Will Zeke master 'Amazing Grace' on piano and violin? Stay tuned.

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