Friday, 21 December 2007

Please respect the caviar

New X-Files movie in the works! The X-Files was probably my first fannish experience. I was nine when it started and I had the posters and trading cards and books. Interestingly, I bailed on it after about season 4 or 5 (from what I have heard this was a wise move), unlike Buffy which I stayed with to the bitter, anti-climatic end. I also only saw each X-Files episode once, never making an effort to tape or catch reruns. Now I've been catching old reruns on cable and it has piqued my interest in the film

Ratatouille boosts demand for pet rats Yay! I used to own rats when I was a kid and they are awesome pets. Friendly and inquisitive like dogs, but with the real individualism of cats.

Moskau with English subtitles! Hilarious! I have vague memories of singing the English version of this song for a school concert when I was younger.

Buy wigs for your cats! 'Nuff said.

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Sonneta said...

Hey, that's about when I stopped watching X-Files, too. Pretty much around the same time I got reaaaaally into Buffy. (I also stuck with Buffy until the bitter end).